The JUBEL Story

The JUBEL journey has been an exciting one so far. But what you want to know is how we got here.

Whilst on a university ski trip, Jesse Wilson made two very exciting discoveries high up on the mountainside of the French Alps, partying at the infamous and raucous après-ski bar La Folie Douce. The first was the infectious, sax-filled anthem that played to close out the afternoon of après antics – a song called Jubel, the name of which translates to “a feeling of extreme joy”. The second discovery was a beer tradition called demi-pêche; a pint of lager with a peach top.

Jesse was instantly taken with the cult-like popularity of demi-pêche. It delivered the juicy refreshment of a fruit cider, with the dry finish and sessionability of a crisp lager and swiftly became a beer that he wanted to drink once returning back home. But the problem was that nobody was brewing anything like it.

Determined to bring the juicy tradition to the UK, Jesse spent all of his time outside of work learning how to brew. Whilst fruit beers existed, fruit lagers hadn’t ever been done with any success and it took almost two years of trial and error to find the perfect recipe for the beer you taste today. In true Innocent fashion, he took his brew to a music festival and vowed to quit his job if the beer sold well. Of course, the cold liquid gold absolutely flew, and the rest as they say, is history!

Fast-forward to today and in the same way that the après demi-pêche traditions inspired our original brew, we were also inspired to add two other beers to our line-up. Elderflower honours a beer spritz we uncovered amongst the backroads of a bustling city and our Grapefruit brew is an ode to a beer secret we discovered on a faraway, sun-drenched coastline.

The future looks peachy, we hope to see you for a pint of cold liquid gold soon.

Peach & Love