Our key goal is to have complete Plant to Pint traceability for every beer we brew. We want people to know exactly what goes into every beer they drink and where it has come from.


All our malt and hops come from the UK. Our elderflower and grapefruit extracts are made in Herefordshire by steeping the fruit in ethanol to extract the flavour and aroma. Our organic elderflower is grown in Herefordshire and our grapefruit is from North America. We work closely with our extract supplier to source quality ingredients with a traceable supply-chain.


Malt and hops are sourced via middle-men, who blend supply from farms all across the country. We want to work more closely with our suppliers to better understand the farms where our malt and hops are grown, to ensure that they have sustainable environmental and employment practices. We’re proud of the complete traceability we have on our elderflower, but we’re actively working on our peach and grapefruit. Peaches have a high water density which makes peach extracts very hard to produce. We currently brew with a natural peach flavouring, but we are actively searching for a fresh peach extract supplier as natural flavours are typically untraceable. We know our grapefruit is from North America, but we’re still working to get better traceability on the farms where it is grown to provide complete transparency and ensure we are only working with farms who have sustainable environmental and employment practices. We’re also actively working to produce our fruit extracts using second-grade fruit to reduce food waste, without compromising on taste or quality.

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