If you’ve ever read the labels on our bottles, you’ll know that sustainability sits at the heart of everything we do here at JUBEL. We think that the great outdoors is a thing of beauty, and to help keep it that way we made a commitment to offset the carbon emissions from each and every bottle that we brew.


Businesses are able to offset their carbon emissions by ensuring that an equivalent amount of carbon is either absorbed or prevented from being emitted elsewhere. This can be achieved by purchasing carbon credits, which will fund projects that are managed by independent organisations who monitor precise carbon savings. Examples of these projects include:

Tree Planting - Planting or conserving forests to absorb carbon from the atmosphere

Renewable Energy Research Projects - Developing renewable energy and energy efficiency technologies to help remove the need for fossil fuels

Climate Protection- Waste collection through Plastic Bank to prevent plastic from entering our oceans, which is then recycled and processed into social plastic that can be used for ecologically and socially sustainably made products

There are a number of recognisable standards, such as the Gold Standard and VCS (Verified Carbon Standard), that exist to ensure that carbon offsets are verified and can be trusted to guarantee that a carbon saving is met.


In previous years, we’ve used online carbon calculators (like this one from Carbon Footprint Ltd) to estimate our annual CO₂ emissions. These calculators are great for giving you an idea of your total carbon emissions, but they don’t give you much more than that.

Whilst we’re happy that we’re able to offset all of our emissions, we want to do more and that’s why we’ve taken our partnership with Carbon Footprint Ltd one step further. We’ve gathered a comprehensive range of data from all areas of our business - including energy usage at our office / brewery / warehouse, emissions from staff business travel, haulier road mileage, and more - and we’re using this to complete a comprehensive Business Carbon Footprint Appraisal.

Not only will this allow us to identify our total emissions as a business, but it will provide us with a thorough breakdown of our business emissions according to scope, sites, and sources.


We’re currently finishing off our Business Carbon Footprint Appraisal with Carbon Footprint Ltd, after which we’ll become a verified carbon assessed business. Using the results from our appraisal, we’ll select a new carbon offsetting project to support and ensure that we continue to operate as a certified carbon neutral business.

Looking further ahead, we’ve got a number of really exciting sustainability projects in the pipeline as we know we’ve still got a long way to go, and we’ll be looking to implement some sustainability KPIs that we can start to track against and use to help reduce our future emissions even more. We’re working on becoming a certified B-Corp (you can read more about what that means here), and we’ll be releasing our first ever annual impact report in January 2021 so there’s lots to look forward to!