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Four bottles of each of our three dangerously refreshing lagers so you don’t have to choose between them


Juicy peach, zingy grapefruit and subtly sweet elderflower


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12x330ml per case

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12x330ml per case

gluten free

We brew with malted barley to get a malt lager character, but we also brew with an enzyme to break down the gluten proteins. We lab test each batch before and after bottling and don’t release anything over 10ppm gluten count, and our brewery has been audited to be fully compliant with Coeliac UK requirements.


Quite a few beers contain isinglass finings (derived from fish) to clarify the beer but we use a plant-based alternative to ensure that our beer is suitable for vegans.


Most craft beers are heavily hopped at aggressive ABVs but we've taken the path less travelled with our dangerously refreshing brews at a sociable 4% ABV to deliver the refreshment of a fruit cider with the sessionability of a crisp lager.