JUBEL x Jamie Nicholls

We're pumped to sneak back to the slopes where our beer began. We caught up with pro snowboarder and winter olympian Jamie Nicholls about a few of his favourite parks, when he likes to crack open a JUBEL, and where he's sending it next.

Top three freestyle parks to ride?

My favourite park is Laax, Switzerland, it's for sure one of the most creative parks and they have everything from halfpipes, big jumps, medium jumps, small jumps, tons of rails and different lines you can ride and the best run is the P60 run. My 2nd favourite is probably Livigno in Italy, they have a great set up there with big jumps, rails and even an airbag to try new tricks onto before taking it to snow. Then my third is Mayrhofen, Austria. It's not the best or biggest park but I spent a massive part of my teenage years riding and learning there so I have a lot of amazing memories.

Where are you sending it next?

Most likely Laax, Switzerland in the New Year! Can't wait to get back there - the best thing is if it's snowing and you can't ride the park, the tree runs are all time too!

Favourite time to crack open a JUBEL?

100% after a long day up the hill riding, or after a long day in the office at 360 Jewellery. Grapefruit is my favourite beer to drink every time.